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Target Audience: Mid-Market Organisations

So, what is data prep? It’s the umbrella term that refers to tasks needed to get data ready for analysis and includes what we’ve always called data integration. However, it also goes beyond that to include transforming, blending, preparing, and enriching data – truly preparing it as comprehensively as possible for the best analytical results.

And who does it?

  • Architects carry out data prep for the purpose described above but they need to be able to do it faster and more easily
  • Pentaho is enabling self-service data prep that means analysts can do this too but with a high degree of governance

Mid-Market Challenges

This campaign is aimed at mid-market organisations, as these are the key data challenges they face:

  • Siloed Data – multiple messy, complex siloed data sources (faced by the architect audience)
  • Lack of resources – not enough people, time or money to prepare and analyse data; coding and scripting is hard to do/maintain with too many requests from analysts (faced by the architect audience)
  • Inadequate existing solutions – too difficult to maintain and scale existing solutions (faced by the architect audience)
  • Predictive models – data scientists are spending too much time on data prep, which means they are taking too long to get predictive models to market or operationalised (faced by the data scientist audience)

Campaign Structure

This email-driven campaign is designed to get a prospects attention by making them aware of the problems that Pentaho solves with content and assets that are aligned to the following Buying Stages:

  • Pentaho Awareness
  • Product Research

The ultimate objective is to get to the Product Evaluation and Discovery Call/Engagement stages which are approaching conversion from lead to opportunity.

There are a total of ten sets of email copy that you can decide how to use in the most effective way for your organisation, geography, target audience and demand generation objectives:

Email Title/Subject Content Stage
1. The Top 5 Ways to Enable Citizen Data Scientists Blog/Article Awareness
2. Succeed with limited resources for data prep Blog/Article Awareness
3. We don’t care what data you have Article Awareness
4. You can have self-service and governance too Article Awareness
5. Imagine one platform from data prep to analytics Article Awareness
6. Empower your people with self-service data prep Article Awareness
7. Avoid the Top 3 Roadblocks in Data Prep Blog Awareness
8. Gartner Market Guide for Self-Service Data Prep Gartner Guide Research
9. TDWI Infographic: Improving Data Prep Infographic Research
10. New data prep best practice guide from TDWI TDWI Guide Research


There are two packaged items in six languages for download (zip files):

EXAMPLE EMAILS – using the Pentaho brand for your reference
PLAIN TEXT EMAIL COPY – for your use, to be incorporated into your marketing campaign/program

Clicking on any of the links below will take you to a download page – just hit the DOWNLOAD button when you get there:

Landing Pages & Content/Assets

To determine where landing pages are hosted and how content/assets are provided and managed, please contact David Landew. There are a number of options and it will be an ideal opportunity to discuss the most effective way to run this campaign, track results and achieve success.