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Pentaho 7.0*NEW*

Target Audience: Product Evaluation interest

Analyze Anywhere

With Pentaho 7.0, our vision is to build out a platform that supports a healthy data ecosystem – between IT, data scientists and business analysts. We have built a platform where analytics, data blending and data prep are contained in a truly integrated offering:

  • All of it can be accessed at any point in the data pipeline – eliminating tools and complexity
  • We make analytics accessible and agile at any stage of the data pipeline – providing quicker insights and better business results
  • All of this is happening in a big data blended world – IT will face increasing pressure from underlying concerns including orchestration, lineage, governance, and security
  • All of this is happening on top of a highly sophisticated but simple to use platform that tackles those challenges

Campaign Structure

This email-driven campaign is designed to get a prospects attention by making them aware of the problems that Pentaho solves with content and assets that are aligned to the following Buying Stages:

  • Product Research
  • Product Evaluation

The ultimate objective is to get to the Discovery Call/Engagement stages which is approaching the marketing to sales bridge.

There are a total of eight sets of email copy that you can decide how to use in the most effective way for your organisation, geography, target audience and demand generation objectives:

Email Title/Subject Content Stage
1. Pentaho 7.0 has arrived – watch the on-demand Webinar On-demand Webinar Research
2. Pentaho 7.0 – A Visual Data Experience from Anywhere in the Pipeline Product Site Research
3. Now you can visualize data in-flight during data prep Video Research
4. Pentaho 7.0 is here – get all the new datasheets Datasheets Evaluation
5. Pentaho 7.0 for Big Data Integration and Analytics Datasheet Evaluation
6. Pentaho 7.0 for Data Integration Datasheet Evaluation
7. The Pentaho 7.0 Business Analytics Platform – Integrate-Blend-Analyze Datasheet Evaluation
8. Take the Pentaho Test Drive Product Trial Evaluation


There is one packaged item for download:

Landing Pages & Content/Assets

To determine where landing pages are hosted and how content/assets are provided and managed, please contact David Landew. There are a number of options and it will be an ideal opportunity to discuss the most effective way to run this campaign, track results and achieve success.