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Pentaho 7.x


Scaling Spark across the Enterprise

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Pentaho Business Analytics 7.1. With the first ever adaptive execution on Spark and improved visualizations at every step, this release makes users more productive and improves job performance across the entire data pipeline. Adaptive execution allows users to design their data integration logic in our drag and drop environment one time, and then choose the most appropriate execution engine at run-time. This release starts by supporting Spark and is positioned to support emerging big data processing engines in the future.

In addition to adaptive execution, starting with Spark, users will also be able to:

  • Integrate with Microsoft Azure HDInsight, Azure SQL, and Azure SQL Server
  • Protect big data environments with expanded security integrations including increased Kerberos Impersonation and Ranger support
  • Explore data at every step of data prep using new visualizations such as heat grids, geo maps, and sunbursts, as well as drill-down into data sets for further exploration
  • Take advantage of the beta version of a new, improved, and easy-to-use API to integrate 3rd party visualizations into Analyzer and other Pentaho platform components

Sales Kit

To help you sell and market Pentaho 7.1, we’ve updated the Sales Kit that you can use internally for sales enablement. The assets are available for you today and include: