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Pentaho 8.0


Speed and Agility at Every Stage

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Pentaho 8.0. To stay ahead of the exponential growth of data volume, velocity, and variety, Pentaho 8.0 brings speed and agility to every stage of the data pipeline, from real-time message ingestion to data stream processing. With its adaptive execution capabilities, Pentaho 8.0 now fully enables real-time data ingestion from Kafka using Spark Streaming, without any rework.

In addition to real-time ingestion with Spark Streaming, you will also be able to:

  • Connect Pentaho Data Integration to Kafka streams, which will enable your developers to easily address a range of use cases that require real-time insights, such as real-time monitoring and event aggregation
  • Optimize processing resources with worker nodes to scale out enterprise workloads and native support for Avro and Parquet
  • Utilize Big Data security with Pentaho support for Apache Knox Gateway, simplifying Hadoop security management
  • Boost your team’s productivity across the data pipeline with a better data prep user experience, including filters to find data errors, an improved Pentaho content experience across PDI, and accurate application auditing

Sales Kit

To help you sell and market Pentaho 8.0, we have produced a new Sales Kit that you can use internally for sales enablement —- available now: